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Crisis Impact program

Pay attention to positive and “new” behaviors shown during the crisis and apply & maintain this within your team.

In normal ‘stress’ situations people tend to show the exaggerated behavior of their dominant drives. But what happens when you wind up in a crisis? Do you also show the exaggerated or negative behavior or do benefit from ‘new’ behavior?

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Individual coaching with MD

You are who you are, and your MD Profile gives you that insight. This insight is the start of learning new behavior.

Utilize your own strength. You can’t develop less dominant drives. You are who you are, and we respect that. However, we can work on the maturity of your drives and the way you manage your rejections. It is also possible to develop behavior, but always motivated from your own drives.

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Building trust

Gain insight into how trust works and translate this into effective behavior to increase trust & secure this in a sustainable way.

In good collaboration, trust is essential. But what exactly is trust? From the different motives, there are different perspectives on what trust is, how you break it down and how you build it. With trust in each other, the team can turn their potential into results.

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MD Feedback

See the behavior you need to keep, develop or let go and create your personal development plan.

When done right and with the right intentions, feedback can lead to outstanding performance. Giving and receiving feedback is key to engaged team members and keeping them on track. People need to know what they are doing well, and what they can improve.

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Coping with stress

Learn how to recognize your behavior under stress and use it in a positive way.

We all suffer from stress from time to time, but how do you deal with it, and where does it come from? Stress does something to you in both a positive and negative sense. This applies to us as individuals, but also as a team. How do you deal with the natural stress reactions and make sure that you mainly use the power that comes from it.

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Stakeholder Management

Knowing what drives you and your customer. How does your customer look at you? and vice versa, how problems are being perceived?, what the best solution for that is?, which approach is suited for that.

Good stakeholder management can be earned by having a genuine interest in the other person and taking them into account in why they are important to you.  Quickly and effectively create support and support for the intended project and offer a safe environment in which every individual can perform at his best.

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In brief
  • Management Drives can be used in many situations
  • A solid foundation for personal development
  • Turn your potential into performance
  • On individual, team and organizational level
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