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Start session

A start session with Management Drives offers your team a common language in which drives, and behavior become tangible. Within a day everyone knows their strengths and pitfalls, both on an individual and a team level. These insights combined with easy to implement tips will improve personal leadership, collaboration and thus performance.

During the session you will get acquainted with Management Drives. As a result, all team members have one common ‘color’-language based on six drives. With Management Drives you can address and discuss behavior in a positive and professional way. Truly get to know yourself and your team members using the MD Profile. Understanding each other’s drives improves collaboration and strengthens mutual bonds.

Clear insight in the drives of the team(members)

Management Drives shows that individuals, teams and even organizations have dominant thinking patterns and habits. The personal explanation on the MD Profile offers every team and team member insight in their intrinsic motivations, potential strengths, and pitfalls. There are no wrong profiles. Discover what energizes you or drains your energy, and even what happens when under pressure.

Via the MD App you’ll get access to your own MD Profile and those of your team members. The MD App can be used for quick conclusions. During this session, you will receive concrete tips to develop as an individual and team. What can you do to reinforce your strengths and develop what is lacking? The trick is to both utilize your strongest drives and learn to adapt in your behavior to drives that are less included in your profile.

Connecting drives with team culture

The Team scan is part of the start session and helps you to identify the culture within the team. Via the Team Scan survey, each team member indicates how they experience the culture within the team. With the knowledge and insights of Management Drives, team members determine what these insights mean for the team functioning. Connecting the MD Profiles with the team culture helps to define which specific behavior is required to achieve objectives. As a result, you will improve team performance and each team member knows how to contribute.

Intrinsic motivation ensures sustainable change

The way to develop and improve a team is to motivate people based on their dominant drives. We believe that long lasting change only takes place if it comes from within the people themselves. The MD Group profile visualizes what drives your team. Discover how to motivate each drive, and what demotivates them. Use this knowledge to turn potential into long lasting performance.

In brief
  • Discover what drives you and your team
  • Practical tool for understanding yourself and your environment
  • Map the team culture
  • Reinforce your strengths
  • Identify behavior that is lacking
  • Concrete steps how to develop as a team and individual
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