How experiencing motivation in sport leads to better performance in your work.

What we do for Sport

Management Drives offers an application which goes a step further in developing performance, namely experiencing motivation factors in an MD sports clinic. With MD, we enable you to feel and experience how motivation factors are so vitally important for success. The communal experience during a sports clinic ensures anchoring in the working environment. Sport is actively incorporated in business.

Management Drives
The colours

This is what drives say about a(n)

  • Vision
  • People
  • Strategy
  • Structure
  • Focus
  • Mission
  • Shared Vision
  • Cooperation
  • Common target
  • Clear agreements
  • Focus
  • Bonding
  • Wants to analyse, understand, fathom
  • Prioritises people and social bonds
  • Wants to show progress, results and achievements
  • Wants to create certainty and clarity
  • Stands for courage, pace and power
  • Helpful and creates bonds and security
Individual profile

Clearly indicates what drives someone

The MD Profile indicates what drives you and how you use your knowledge and competences. Illustrated in 4 recognisable graphics and distinguishing positive and negative aspects.

Individual Management Drives Profile
Team profile

See each others’ differences as strengths

The team profile reflects what drives a team and how this team uses its knowledge and competences.

As soon as a team realises that each team member thinks and acts differently, the team can utilise each other strengths.

Group Profile Slider

We let people and teams experience the dynamics of their own working environment during an MD sports clinic. In a short space of time, your team is confronted with each other’s drives and behavior. Sport is about cooperation, accepting challenges, motivating each other, sacrifices, dealing with frustrations and celebrating success. Sport is just like a working environment. Sport evokes emotions, unites, gives energy and is an engine for improving performance

Personal leadership and team development is developed in more depth and embedded. In an MD sports clinic, the dynamics of the work floor are simulated. As a team, experiencing these simulations is not only a great experience, it makes it easier to apply later on the work floor.

Management Drives brings sport to the work floor, but we also help sport itself deliver even better performances. We work with various top-level sports coaches and their teams to help them achieve their sports ambitions at European and World Championships and at the Olympic Games. For example, we support the Heiner team in their participation in the Volvo Ocean Race.

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