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New functionalities in MD Pro

A number of new functions have been added to the new version of the MD Pro web application ( As a consultant you can now find everything you need in this application.

An overview of the latest developments:

Private and public teams

You can now hide teams from other users. You can select this option when creating a new team or when managing a team in MD Pro. This means the team owner has private access to the team. The team owner is the person who created the team or who is the designated team owner in MD Admin.

Team management options have been expanded

It was already possible to add respondents to the team or to change the team name, but as team owner or team manager you can now also change the respondents and create groups or make changes to groups.

Sharing teams with other MD users

As team owner or team manager you can share a team with another MD user. For example, you can share teams from your own system with a consultant who has also been trained in Management Drives. You can determine during which period you want to share the team and you can also terminate the sharing.

Each cluster has a slot in MD Admin

Finally, a change has been implemented in MD Admin. In order to equalize slots and clusters we have created a slot for all the clusters to which no slot was linked. This simplifies the management and means you no longer have to copy respondents to clusters retroactively. You will now always create a slot in MD Admin.

The best option is to create new teams and send invitations in the MD Pro web application. In this application it’s now even easier to create and manage your teams and respondents. Go to

Starting 1 February 2020 MD Viewer will no longer be available

As a result of these new developments MD Viewer will no longer be available as of 1 February 2020. To do everything for which you are currently using MD Viewer you can now use the MD Pro web application. Prevent surprises and get started with MD Pro as soon as you can.

To find out how the MD Pro web application works visit