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Individual and Feedback profiles

Management Drives show that people have dominant thinking patterns and habits. These patterns and habits are the result of drives, which to a large extent predict how people behave. While drives can change but it is far more effective developing the required behaviour.

This certification course offers you insight in the Management Drives model based on six drives. In addition, the MD Feedback gives clear insight into behaviour.

The methodology

With Management Drives you will get in-depth understanding of individuals, teams and organisations. Practical without excessive simplification. During this course you become acquainted with the Management Drives model that is based on six drives and free of judgement. With Management Drives you have a solid foundation to guide individual and team development.

Each drive can differ in both sequence and strength for individuals as well as teams. You will learn the essence of each drive, the strengths and pitfalls. This means that a great number of personal profiles and leadership styles are possible. In addition, you learn to distinguish the positive and negative aspects of each drive. All represented in the MD profile.

MD Individual profile

Determine what drives someone and present this knowledge to the recipient in an understandable way. Gain understanding how drives work on a personal level and get skilled in giving advice on further development. You not only master the theory of drives and leadership, but you can also apply the new knowledge in practice.

The course also helps you in your own leadership. You are presented with a mirror, because your drives determine how you view someone else’s drives. What will you keep, develop and let go?

Feedback profile

Drives predict behaviour and the MD Feedback measures the behaviour that is observed through your own eyes and those of others. The Feedback tool shows how people see themselves and how others see them, holding up a mirror that reflects their behaviour. Revealing WHAT they do and HOW they work and why people succeed or fail in achieving their goals.

By giving and receiving Feedback in a transparent and clear way, people are more inclined to accept the feedback without resistance and to use it as Feedforward in their personal (leadership) development. That is where the Feedback survey supports you as certified partner.

By getting insight into and Feedback on your behaviour, you can measure and consolidate behaviour you wish to develop. During the course you will get clear guidance on behaviour that people can retain, develop or let go.

During the course, you present your own feedback and experience for yourself what the instrument can do for you.

MD Feedback spiegel

MD Software

After the course, you are a certified partner and you can use Management Drives and Feedback. You get access to the software to send out the surveys, visualise and explain the results and supervise individual or team sessions. You learn how to read, interpret and explain the scores to the respondents.

While the IP and GTO courses are more about what drives people, with MD Feedback it’s about visible behaviour. You can create the Feedback mirrors using the MD Pro software.

Details and prices

  • The course takes 5 days.
  • The course is intended for both managers and external professionals.
  • the price depends on your region, contact us for actual price
  • Annual subscription fee for MD Software €400,-
  • Fee per survey, which you can buy in bundles of 10, 20, 50, 100 or more.
In brief
  • Easy to understand methodology
  • In-depth understanding of individuals, teams and organisations
  • Reveal behaviour, perceived by oneself and those of others
  • Clear guidance on behaviour that you need to retain, develop or let go
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