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Effective behaviour

You are aware of your drives both individually as well as those of the team. But are you and your team members behaving accordingly to become a better performing team? During this session we focus on behaviour of the team and the individual, with the MD Profiles and Matrix as foundation

This session aims at developing desired behaviour. Through targeted exercises you will work on improving the performance and culture. Improving performance means delivering results directly, but also relates to collaboration, communication, conflict management, etc.

There are two components:

  • What does the team need and which steps should the team take in this?
  • What does the individual want and what motivates that person to do so?

Effective behavioural change

Effective behavioural change requires that we identify what we are changing, why we are changing it, and how we are changing it and then create a plan of action to ensure that we implement this change. These elements are addressed during the start session.

Next step is to develop the skills to display the required behaviour as a team and as an individual. What does everyone, perceived from their own MD profile, want to contribute to the performance of the team and are they able to. How do people look at each other, at their drives, but also at their behaviour.

Combining skill development with underlying, intrinsic motivation and reason, is essential for sustainable change. These elements are captured in the MD Profiles and are an important element to realise effective behaviour.

The Behavioural side of the MD Matrix

Step 1, Green Blue:

Getting into contact with each other. Giving feedback in a disciplined way and really listening to the other when receiving the feedback.

Step 2, Orange Red:

Giving open and honest feedback to each other. Confronting each other in a respectful way while being self critical.

Step 3, Yellow Purple:

Periodically evaluate on your changed behaviour. Keep building trust and make sure that the new behaviour sustains.

In brief
  • Develop behaviour that suits the situation
  • Skill development based on intrinsic motivation
  • Motivated and energised team members
  • Sustainable behavioural change
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