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Crisis Impact programme

Pay attention to positive and “new” behaviours shown during the crisis and apply & maintain this within your team.

With the Crisis Impact Scan and corresponding programme, you can quickly reach a high and positive energy level after times of crisis. Discover which new and positive behaviour you can secure to optimise collaboration.

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Effective team meetings

Understanding how to have effective meetings is likely one of the most important skills you need to learn to thrive at work. Good meetings inspire greater team collaboration which can have a direct effect on the overall happiness of workers.

Every team member should be able to apply behaviour that suits their role. When your role suits your preferred drives according to your MD Profile, you are comfortable with showing that behaviour. But how do you perform when your role doesn’t suit your preferred drives or even is a drive you reject?

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Building trust

Gain insight into how trust works and translate this into effective behaviour to increase trust and secure this in a sustainable way.

In good collaboration, trust is essential. But what exactly is trust? From the different drives, there are different perspectives on what trust is, how you build it down or could break it down. With trust in each other, the team can really turn their potential into performance.

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Building successful teams with sports

What athletes experience in sports, employees experience in the business too. Dealing with pressure, performing, winning and working together as a team.

Experience your own intrinsic motivational patterns and the mutual tensions in the workplace during an MD sports clinic. Your strengths, pitfalls, and points for attention as an individual and as a team will reveal during hockey, boxing or even sailing. It is astonishing, direct, educational, confrontational and above all fun.

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Improving your sales team

Knowing what drives you and your customer. How does your customer look at you? And vice versa, how problems are being perceived? What’s the best solution then? Which approach is suited for that?

Good sales management can be learned by having a genuine interest in the other person and taking into account in why they are important to you.  Quickly and effectively create support for the intended project and offer a safe environment in which every individual can perform at its best.

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(Scrum) Project management

There are many tools to help you organise your project. We offer you the tool to support and improve the collaboration in the team.

Knowing what motivates the members individually and as a team is necessary for a good result. Utilise their strengths and help them to be aware of their pitfalls. With the individual and group profile you clearly indicate which behaviour will be shown and what may be forgotten.

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Project start up

The success of a project depends on the way in which the members of a project team make use of everyone’s personal and professional qualities. Good cooperation is essential and makes it even more fun.

Create a head start for your project with the Project Start Up, supported by MD Profiles. Members get to know each other quickly because they share one common language based on Management Drives. As a result, the members will cooperate more efficiently.

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In brief
  • Truly know yourself and your team members
  • Improve collaboration within your team and thus performance
  • Successful teams are aware of their drives
  • Teams and individuals know their behavioural strength and pitfalls
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