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Personal leadership development

Personal leadership is about approaching every situation in the right way. Showing the right behaviour in any situation is challenging. Discover why you effortlessly handle one situation, where the other situation drains your energy or why you even avoid that.

With a MD Profile, you will discover what motivates you and which behaviour you reject. For everyone, there is a unique profile. The results are usually not surprising to the person itself, but Management Drives provides a language that expresses them clearly and transparently. By means of individual coaching, issues that are difficult to express suddenly become concrete and clear. This is the start of working on your own development.

Learning new behaviour in a way that energises you

You are who you are, and your MD Profile shows you just that. This insight is the start of learning new behaviour. In doing so, you use your own strength. You can’t develop less dominant drives. You are who you are, and we respect that. However, we can work on the maturity of your drives and the way you manage your rejections. It is also possible to develop behaviour, but always motivated from your own drives.


Understand your motives, challenges, strengths, pitfalls and motivations. Develop a better understanding of yourself and the people around you.


Make use of your talents, strengths, gain new insights and develop leadership behaviour based on your most powerful drives.


Develop sustainable personal leadership, even in changing circumstances. Rely on the power of Management Drives.

In brief
  • Look in your own mirror, what drives you
  • Identify your barriers in the form of your rejection
  • Creating your Personal Development Plan
  • Tips to achieve development
  • Regular evaluation and follow-up steps
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