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Every student has those moments at school when he or she thinks: ‘This is amazing!’ These are the lessons that give you energy and that I look forward to.” Unfortunately, no school can make everything fun but it’s possible to motivate students better. Learn how to speak the student’s language and improve the interactions between student and teacher.

The Management Drives Young Adult involves the survey and training that Management Drives developed specifically for the target group of 13-19 year olds. This survey provides students and teachers, mentors and other educational professionals, with insight into their drives and motivational patterns.

Improving interactions

Drives determine to a large extent how you behave. What drives someone determines to a large extent the behaviour, perceptions, learning style and learning motivation. On the one hand, it gives teachers insight into their own needs in their work and the interaction with students. Which allows them to make choices that are appropriate to the interaction and positive for the learning climate. On the other hand, they can tailor their style of teaching, directing, motivating, and coaching to the drives of the students. Talents are better addressed, learning is more automatic and the work will yield more energy.

Coping with resistance

Behind any difficult behaviour and any resistance lies a need. The students don’t have enough life experience yet to have insight into their needs and express it constructively. To identify the need, it helps to have insight into what drives a student.

The MD Profile gives insight into the motivation to do things or not and into what amount it generates or consumes energy. When students have more insight into their drives, they are better able to connect with what they ‘have to’ do and what they ‘want to’ do.

Insight into these drives will also help teachers motivate students to excel. On the one hand, it gives insight into their own needs in their work and relationship with students, enabling them to make positive choices that are good for the interaction and the learning climate. On the other hand, they can adapt their style of teaching, guiding, motivating, and coaching to the students’ drives. Talents are better used, learning is easier and the work will generate more energy.

Revealing the potential of both student and teacher

Overall, in the transition from preteen to adolescent, learning will be enjoyed more and produce better results when students and teachers have more insight into their own and each other’s drives. Management Drives has a customised survey for both parties which gives insight into (latent) needs. Case studies with this survey have already shown that students get more self-insight and can translate this concretely to how they work and learn. This in turn benefits the results and development of talents. The essence is and remains that we offer the curriculum in a way that makes the most of the potential of both students and teachers!

In brief
  • Boost confidence and emotional stability
  • Create motivated students and teachers
  • Increasing learning results
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