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Understanding individual drives is the key to success

Every employee influences the mutual cooperation. Only successful organizations understand how people work together optimally. Organizations are made up of collaborating individuals who communicate with each other, both online and in-person, verbally and non-verbally. In this way, they ensure that people are motivated, strengthened and understand each other. This is within reach for every organization.

Everyone has their own perspective. We all look at the world through our own ‘colored glasses’. Once we realize that we are filtering our own perceptions, we can take this into account. For example, when drawing conclusions about what is really going on.

Management Drives makes drives visible

Management Drives makes these personal perspectives tangible and shows that organizations and employees are guided by thinking patterns and habits. These thinking patterns arise from drives. These drives largely predict how your team and your organization function.

A successful leader utilizes employees drives

Understanding this principle offers enormous potential, especially for managers. Those who understand drives are better able to understand themselves and others. A successful leader aligns to the dominant drives of their employees. They use each individual’s full potential, thereby improving performance. This makes a manager more effective, communicative, and motivational. Tasks are distributed in a more targeted way and are better suited to the potential of each employee.

Drives are the determining factor for success

Whether it concerns personal leadership, managing teams or influencing the culture of an entire organization, drives are the determining factor for success. Managers who have insight into drives and can translate them into practice work more effectively and pleasantly with their teams. Since every individual is driven differently, the challenge lies in showing appropriate leadership for every person and in every situation. Anyone can learn this, based on the correct knowledge and with a practical tool. Management Drives supports this.

MD Profile makes drives visible

Management Drives measures drives on the basis of a questionnaire and converts them into a profile. In this profile, we outline six drives using six colors that can differ in priority and in strength. In addition, we distinguish the positive and negative aspects of each drive. The MD Profile explains the perspective from which you and your team view the world in detail. Easy to interpret, without oversimplification.

Organizations also have their own perspective

Not only does every individual have their own perspective, it also applies to teams and even organizations. When people work together, they connect with each other based on the drives they have in common. They communicate in a common language. This means that other perspectives often remain underexposed. This has consequences for their mutual cooperation and for the project they are working on.

Balance between drives and dynamic

In an ideal team and in the ideal organization, the balance between different drives fits the dynamics of the organization and the tasks that have to be performed. In education, for example, we see other dominant drives than in the process departments of a bank or the marketing department of a scale-up.

Make full use of existing potential

Merging individual profiles provides quick insight into a team’s drives. This is important for determining optimal management practices. In addition, it provides information about what else is needed to fully utilize the team’s potential and that of each individual.

Your free mini MD profile

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