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A big step forward with the MD Pro

At Management Drives we strive to facilitate you with our software, like the MD Pro, in developing and guiding organisations, teams and individuals. With Management Drives, this development takes place in three steps; Awareness, Moving and Securing.

As of today, a new version of the MD Pro is available in Google Play and the Apple App Store. The MD Pro is the app for your smartphone or tablet where you can view the MD profiles of the people in your system. With the app you will always have all MD profiles at hand. Good to know: the login data is the same as the MD Viewer.

Consistent explanation for in the MD Pro

To support your services even more, we have added the explanation regarding an MD individual- and group profile, which you are familiar with in the MD App, to the MD Pro. Consistency in the explanation for both you and the end user. In this way there is a good basis for the consultation and you can work towards Moving, where the real development of individuals and teams takes place.

Download the app in the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

Not yet familiar with the MD Pro? Watch the video