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New version MD Pro

Management Drives Partners guide the development of individuals, teams and organisations using the Management Drives methodology. Guiding the development with the methodology is characterised by the steps Becoming Aware, Acting and Securing. The MD Pro supports this guidance and takes the next step!

Capture the team’s movement

Every team develops over time, in terms of composition, culture and behaviour. The MD Pro supports by capturing that movement of the team over time.

When the team composition changes, you can record it in a Team Update. If you have a meeting in which you get to work with motivations and a Team scan or Feedback, then you record this in a Workshop.

Introducing the timeline and workshops increases the user-friendliness of the application. For example, we have tackled a number of issues that partners have made known to us:

  • You can send team scan invitations to respondents who have yet to complete the MD Survey.
  • You can add respondents to an existing team scan afterwards.
  • You can delete invalid team scan results as a whole.
  • You can commit a change in the team composition without creating a new team or group within the team.
  • In the presentation view, only the respondents who are included in the moment are included.

We strive to make the software as user-friendly as possible. Can’t figure it out? We explain the functionalities on

Open a team, select a moment from the timeline and get started!

Gender pronoun and explanation of the MD Profile

When completing the MD Survey, respondents are asked a number of questions on the final page. One of these is the Gender Pronoun. We need this information to improve the readability of the explanation of an MD Profile. This field in the survey has been updated and now supports the options he/him, she/her and neutral.

We will now use the respondent’s name for the explanation of a profile in Dutch and English. For languages that are strongly gender-oriented, we use the input in the Gender Pronoun field. If the option neutral is chosen, we will choose a default (he/him) in the explanation for these languages.

Disable MD Pro mobile application

Due to recent developments in our software, the MD Pro mobile application (available through the Apple Appstore and Google Play) has become outdated. In order to continue to guarantee the quality and security of our software, we have decided to focus on the web application.

This means that we will discontinue the MD Pro mobile application as of 14 January 2022.