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Improved Invitation management in the MD Pro

MD Pro invitation

The latest version of the MD Pro contains an improved Invitation management. This version is released on April 16th.

Updated invitation widget
The Invitation widget has been completely redesigned. You can send new invitations, reminders, view the status of the survey and invitation, cancel invitations and even edit respondent details quickly.

New invitations
You can send a new invitation to your respondents. The design is slightly updated for a better overview.

Reminding and cancelling
Within the Invitation widget you are able to send a reminder to one respondent, or all respondents at once. Same for cancellation. You can cancel an invitation to one or all respondents.

Edit respondent details
When there is no pending invitation you can edit the respondent details. So, you can fix a typo in the email address. Did you enter the wrong email address for the MD Survey? Cancel the MD survey, edit the email address and send a new invitation. No worries, the quota is handled properly.

Survey and invitation status
We moved the status information from the graph section to the Invitation widget. The coloured circles indicate the status of the survey and next to it you can view the status of the invitation, invited, reminded or cancelled.

Support articles
We also updated the support articles on our website