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Lisanne Marijs


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Lisanne Marijs (1989) studied Educational Sciences, combined with a number of Psychology courses, at the University of Leiden. After her two-year Research Master, she worked for three years as a teacher and researcher, also at the University of Leiden. In addition, she was working as an (international) supervisor and coach of an effectively proven, and recognized institute by the Netherlands Youth Institute, she was involved in supporting and coaching professionals and families with a specific parenting and request for help.

After three years, Lisanne made the conscious choice to leave the scientific world behind. She made the switch to BMC where she advised professionals, parents and young people in the field of education and youth issues for one and a half years as an interim professional, within various assignments and for various clients throughout the Netherlands.

Intrigued by human development, behavior and the (un)conscious thinking and acting of people, Lisanne came into contact with Astrid Oostrom, director of Management Drives Education, through her network. A world opened up for her. The insight that Management Drives offered Lisanne within herself, but also her insight into others, was something Lisanne granted everyone. She is currently working as a consultant at Management Drives. Lisanne is driven to activate and motivate people, groups and teams with her knowledge and insight, and with an appreciative view, to get the best out of themselves.

Leiden University – Research Master “Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies” (RMSc)
Leiden University – Educational Sciences (BSc)
Valley High School, Alabama USA

Additional courses/training
Motivational interviewing and influencing
Personal leadership
Transactional Analysis
Lean Management – ​​Orange Belt