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Lisanne Marijs


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“No one is you, that is your power!”

Hi, my name is Lisanne Marijs (1989). Enthusiastic, empathic, dedicated, eager to learn and optimistic. Just a few characteristics that describe me quite well. And at the same time qualities that differ per individual. Great, right? That’s what makes people unique.

From an early age on I have been interested in people. This interest was further developed in 2007 when I went to the United States to invest in my personal development. Here, I met a variety of people with different cultural backgrounds and I became fascinated by the behaviors that people showed. It really intrigued me that the the interplay of nature, nurture and culture, or the cultural background and life paths of people, shape them into who they are today.

Back in the Netherlands, I therefore continued my own life path by studying Child and Family studies at Leiden University, followed by a master’s degree in (Developmental) Psychology. After this, I enjoyed working for three years both as a teacher, researcher, and student supervisor, also at Leiden University.

After a while, I came in contact with Management Drives through some colleagues who introduced the tool and methodology to our department. A whole new world opened up to me. My personal Management Drives profile gave me some clear answers about myself. I suddenly understood why I had chosen to start my career at the academic world and why I loved my job until then. The profile, however, also showed me why some of my interests weren’t met yet and why I wanted to broader my career perspective. I really would love everyone to have the same insight I acquired at that moment.

So I consciously made a switch to the consultancy world. I started at BMC where I got a job with a more society-oriented focus. In my role as an advisor within the public domain, I worked in different roles and for different organizations throughout the Netherlands. Within these jobs I was mainly challenged to support, coach and advise both professionals, parents and youth/children about social and educational issues.

In 2019, I was able to pursue my dreams even further. I got to work as a consultant, trainer and coach at Management Drives. I am passionate about observing and examining people’s behavior and the interaction between them. I love to see and understand what people drive and motivate and what both individuals, as well as teams and organizations, need in order to feed their motivation and to maximize their potential. Helping them to achieve this in a concrete, practical and structured manner is the final touch for me. Management Drives offers great support in all of this.