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An inclusive workplace with a common language

The diversity of society continues to increase, and with it, the theme of diversity and inclusion plays an important role in the workplace as well. Every person is unique and acts from their own patterns of thinking and habits. When the individual strengths within a team are optimally utilized, diversity and inclusion can lead to better results.

Diversity, equality and Inclusion

The terms diversity and inclusion are often used interchangeably but have different meanings. Diversity refers to the existence of all the characteristics in which people differ from each other, and inclusion refers to the perception that your contribution is valued and encouraged. People have a natural need to feel appreciated and recognized. The biggest difference between the two terms is that diversity can be imposed, and inclusion is a conscious choice. Inclusive employees and leaders listen and create a safe environment where people can be themselves and develop. Having a diverse team is not a guarantee of success. Diversity works for you when there is inclusion.

An inclusive workplace where equality is taken care of and where diversity works can be an added value for individuals and organizational performance. It can lead to improved creativity, better decision-making, greater customer focus, and innovative solutions for business challenges.

Common Language

An inclusive workplace is something a company or team can work on by developing an understanding of the drives of individuals. Drives are the deeply rooted motivations and values that steer our behavior and our decisions. Management Drives creates a common language based on drives, thereby creating insight, connection, and appreciation for each other’s viewpoints. There are no good or bad drives. By embracing diversity and valuing different drives, organizations can benefit from a broader range of skills and perspectives, resulting in a more inclusive workplace.

Creating an inclusive workplace is crucial for the health and success of an organization. If we proactively understand the drives of team members and use this knowledge to collaborate with insight, empathy, and understanding, organizations can create a positive work environment where everyone feels involved and valued. This leads to a more productive, healthier, and happier work environment for everyone.

No matter how different we may be, we can always find something in common! With Management Drives, we look at the diversity of drives in an organization and achieve inclusion through insight, understanding, and connection.

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