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Julie Boezen-Deiters


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Julie Boezen-Deiters (1975) has studied Economics and started her carrier in Corporate Finance, counseling on merges and acquisitions. After ore than 11 years of working on the rational side in the area of strategic, financial, governance and change management, Julie has been focusing more and more on the soft side, because people create the business.

Julie’s mission is improving team performance. By supporting teams and organisations to get the best out of themselves, to be able to stengten each other and to create real synergie. This, with the goal to create higher satisfaction, a better endresult and a stronger base for future orientation

Julie’s motivation to improve team performances has everyting to do with her own special time as a top sportswoman. For 11 years, Julie was part of Dutch representing teams in field hockey, of which she plaid for five years in the Duth Ladies Team. She has won medals at the Olympic Games, WC, EC and Champions Trophy’s. A unique experience to get the best out of yourself and your team under the highest possible pressure. At the age of 25, she choose for her business carrier and she stopped her sport carrier.

As Consultant Sport, Julie is responsible for the sports department within Management Drives. Management Drives supports sport executives, sport teams and sports people in their daily drive to realise top results.

For Julie, Sport is a synonime for performance, but alsof or enjoying, bonding and understanding; creating a bond between sport and situations in the day to day live, After years of chosing one sport, currently Julie loves a variety of sports.

Julie Boezen-Deiters
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