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Invest now in your people, the team and the organization

People stay at home and work at home. Use this moment and make need a virtue. Invest in your people, the team and the culture with the help of Management Drives. This time is just right to devote time and attention to each other, the cooperation and direction of the organisation. We give four examples of programs that can be done very effectively and efficiently via livestream.

All programs can be done via livestream. This requires a technical application in which several people can see and speak to each other, and where one person who is the organizer can do a presentation. In the same technical application it is possible to speak to each other 1 on 1, or in smaller groups, when exercises have to be done. Applications that are available are for example Microsoft TEAMS and Zoom.

Management Drives provides consultancy for these programs, but our partners are very skilled in guiding these programs as well. These are 1 or 2 half-day programs that can be split up.

  1. 1. Effective and efficient LIVESTREAM meetings with Management Drives

In this program, people learn collectively what it means to have meetings via livestream. It is not about the technical possibilities and limitations, but it is about how every driver and therefore every profile experiences the possibility of livestream meetings and how online meetings can be used effectively. This can be done using theory, exercises and drawing up points of interest for the team in livestream meetings. The program is available on the partner section of our website in the form of a powerpoint presentation.

The program is as follows:

  • Introduction with objectives for the session
  • Theory of Management Drives, 6 colors, 6 drives
  • Sharing participants’ profiles

Online meetings:

  • Make an inventory of what participants like and dislike about online meetings
  • Translating the inventory to the 6 drives, what does a drive like and dislike about online meetings (we can fill in the matrix)
  • Translation of points of interest into participant profiles
  • Livestream meetings, points of attention in preparation, meetings and closing
  • Formulate points of attention for the team

Meetings via livestream take some getting used to, but can be very effective and efficient if you make the right agreements.

  1. 2. Teambuilding and getting to know each other better.

This is our standard program for a team session, with speed dating, but via livestream. People are in special circumstances and generally have more time and attention for each other now. A good time to have a good conversation with the help of Management Drives and to get to know each other better. In the program you can do breakouts, in which the participants get to know each other better 1 on 1. You can then plenary identify for the team what the team needs to maintain, develop and let go of. A nice dynamic via livestream that works effectively.

  1. 3. Mission, vision and strategy in response to the corona crisis

The three-step plan Mission, vision and strategy based on the matrix, but all online. These are special times and that affects all of us personally, but in business it is good to re-evaluate the mission, vision, strategy and implementation as well.

The relevant questions from right to left are: who are we (purple), where will we be in three years (yellow), what are our targets (orange), where is the focus (red), what do we agree on (blue) and how do we make sure everyone is connected (green). It is good to consciously go through these steps again in these times of uncertainty, to be well prepared for the times to come.

  1. 4. Profiles and coaching 1 on 1

This is an excellent time to explain 1 on 1 profiles and to coach people in their personal development. People often already have a desire to take a moment to reflect on the steps they would like to take. To look at what gives them energy and how they would like to take steps both personally and professionally. The current crisis is affecting people and many could use some insight and support. Insight into drives and placing the profile in the current context can help a lot of people.
If you have developed your own programme and would like to test it with us, please feel free to contact us! We are here for you!