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How do you react under pressure in a rapidly changing situation?

In this three-part blog series, ‘our athletes’ take you through challenging situations that they experience in their Olympic mission. Goal: learning to adapt to new/challenging situations such as Corona.

Collaboration Talent Empowerment and Management Drives
TalentEmpowerment (TE) guides young top talent in various sports in their Road to Excellence. Their ultimate goal? Qualifying for the Olympic Games and scoring there. Management Drives collaborates with TE on this journey and guides all athletes in the field of personal leadership and teamwork.

All athletes from TE have done the Management Drives sport survey. The athletes all get a personal interview based on their drives to see where their strengths and pitfalls lie. In addition, the profiles are used during the collaboration between the TE coach and athlete. The athletes also work with the MD App in order to shape their own leadership development.

In addition, Management Drives specifically embraces 3 athletes on their way to Tokyo, and we are proud to call them our athletes! Together we are going to experience the journey to Tokyo 2021!

‘Our athletes’
Josine Koning – Hockey goalkeeper for Den Bosch and the Dutch Team
David van Nunen – Fencer for the Dutch Team
Famke Richardson – Hockey player for SCHC and the Dutch team

Photo of David by: Emmie, Robbschermer

Three blogs
In the upcoming three blogs we will link drives and behaviour to the challenging situations these top athletes have had to deal with. Think of it as a number of inspiring, practical cases from the absolute top sport, viewed from a coloured perspective.

Colored glasses?
The way we naturally think, act and react is different for everyone. Even now, at a time when the Corona virus is turning the world upside down.

Why do people do what they do? What does this do to you? If you understand your drives and the drives of others better, you can create better relationships, communicate effectively and collaborate better!

Next week you will read the first blog here.