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Stephan van der Vat


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Stephan van der Vat, born in 1963, studied Business Law at the University of Leiden. After holding various management positions in the business market, he become co-owner of T-Question O&I Consultants, a company specializing in the link between Organization and Information issues.

After selling the company, he was hired by VisserCopini & Partners, where he was ultimately responsible for all commerce. He learned about Management Drives through VisserCopini and become more and more fascinated by the question of what exactly could be accomplished with the knowledge of drives, i.e. their practical application. The led to the establishment of VRPartners, a company in which he and Ewit Roos pursued the practical consequences of familiarity with drives.

Stephan is currently a Managing Partner of Management Drives. In addition to be a Managing Partner, he also works with the tool daily in providing guidance to managers and teams, thereby initiating new developments involving drives.


  • University of Leiden, Master’s in Business Law
Stephan van der Vat
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