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Simone van der Heiden

Relatiemanager Nederland

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After completing her pre-university education, Simone van der Heiden, born in 1978, began studying to be an Executive Assistant at Schoevers and, in 2002, completed a higher business administration degree in Communication from the Ichthus Hogeschool of Rotterdam.

Determined to branch out beyond the communications industry, she held several commercial positions, mostly within retail. After moving from Breda to Zeist, Simone began working for Management Drives in 2006. Self-insight (based on drives) taught her that she is not primarily driven to achieve results (Orange). Instead, she prefers to contribute by organising and structuring (Green-Blue).


  • Hogeschool InHolland, Communications (BA)
  • Schoevers College, International Secretary, Offi ce Management
Simone van der Heiden Relatiemanager Nederland
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