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Marieke Teela


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Marieke Teela (1981) studied General Social Sciences at Utrecht University. She has always been interested in ‘people’ and ‘work’. It was therefore no coincidence that Marieke chose to study ‘Labour, Management and Organisation’. Graduated young and broadly interested, she decides to postpone the choice for a ‘real’ job for a while. After a gap year, which consisted of laughing hard and work hard in a bar, she started working at an employment agency. A perfect match! For 15 years she has contributed to the development of talent, teams and organisations in different roles. And she learned a lot about herself as a person and leader! What gives her the most energy is when someone takes the next step through a good conversation. For him or herself, with the team or within the organisation. ‘I have the feeling that every time I provide insight through the Management Drives methodology, I give the other person a great gift. And that is how it is received. Beautiful right?’

Marieke Teela Management Drives Consultant
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