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New software updates

Delivering high quality software that allows you to reveal the potential of organisations, teams and individuals and turn it into performance based on the Management Drives methodology is one of our main priorities. Therefore, we are continuous looking for ways to improve the software and your user experience.

Update 05-01-2023

Over the last year we renewed the back end of our software. In January we will launch a new and improved data model, updated functionalities and we fixed some bugs. What can you expect after the following release as a Partner:

Faster application

The new data model allows you to open teams faster and improves the speed when searching for teams and/or respondents.

Managing a team becomes easier

It becomes easier to manage respondents that are already in a team update. From now on we check for respondents that are in the actual team update. This means more flexibility in adding and removing (duplicate) respondents from a snapshot.

Smoother registration MD App

When adding one new respondent, the MD Pro checks if the email address is already in your system. If the email address already exists but the name is different you will see a notification. This will help in the registration process for the MD App when a respondent has more than one profile on the same email address.

Updated branding

We updated the application with our new branding. A fresh new logo and pay off that you will be seeing on all our communication.