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Share experiences during the first Management Drives Intervision meeting

The first monthly “Intervision meeting” was held on 23 February. The Intervision meetings are intended to give MD certified professionals the opportunity to discuss their own cases and specific topics in small groups and to learn from one another.

Management Drives supports its certified partners in various ways. First and foremost, we provide good, interactive training aimed at knowledge and skills, so that certified professionals can apply the method effectively. We also provide with the necessary software and brochures and Management Drives organises a Partner meeting twice each year, during which new insights and applications are discussed and, over a drink and snack, experiences are shared.

The Intervision meetings that have been initiated are a supplement to this support.
The participants on 23 February were very enthusiastic. The first group consisted
of a mix of self-employed professionals, government employees, financial service professionals and consultants. The sharing of a wide range of experiences was enriching for all those present. New content-related insights were shared, as well as client needs and concrete applications. In particular, the step from “Providing insight through drives” to “Genuine performance improvement” was shared broadly and considered a distinctive aspect of Management Drives.

All in all, the first Intervision Day was a tremendous success and participants went home at the end of the day filled with enthusiasm, new ideas and new applications.

MD certified partners can sign up for the monthly Intervision meetings free of charge. The maximum number of participants is 8. Click here for a list of dates.