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New design MD questionnaire

We updated the design of the Management Drives questionnaire and invitation e-mail. A design that matches other MD systems and also responsive for the best user experience on smartphone or tablet. The questions have remained the same in both versions, but in terms of design, they differ.

MD questionnaire

New design MD QuestionnaireThe design of the questionnaire is aligned to the MD Viewer and standard presentation. This means there is a consistent and recognizable look.

The way to distribute points is also improved. In addition to entering the number of points in the text and pressing the + or – buttons, it is possible to click on the bar of the desired answer. This means participants are able to give points more easily and quickly. The bar turns blue when there are data points.

Mobile design MD questionnaire

MD Questionnaire mobileDe questionnaire is optimized for tablets and smartphones. Tablets and smartphones needs another design in order to maintain readability and usability. It was a challenge to keep it as simple as possible and the screen and to be able to divide points very easily. In style with today’s touch screens you can give points by swiping the answer option. Once you have allocated enough points in total, the button appears to go to the next question.

New design invitation e-mail

invitation questionnaireWe also worked on the design of the e-mail received by the participants. The design has improved considerably and instead of a long textlink, the link is embedded in a button in the e-mail.

To fully exploit the new look and feel, some tools to change the invitation / reminder are disabled in the Admin. If you use templates which you created yourself they will be automatically updated to the new design. The text and images will be implemented in the new template.


The new version of the questionnaire and invitation will be activated in April. The Admin system will not change, so you still send questionnaires in the same way.