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ATD 2023 Group Profile

Attendees who visited our booth at ATD 2023 in San Diego were given the chance to complete our survey and uncover their individual drives. The collective data from 300 participants formed a comprehensive group profile. This profile, derived from aggregating individual results, offers a snapshot of the group’s overall drives. Understanding this is crucial for determining the most effective management strategies and necessary actions for the group.

This team is strongly focused on building relationships, connecting ideas with each other and making things practical

Group Logic

We look at the first graph in the Group profile: The Group Logic. This graph shows the potential strengths and pitfalls.
In the image below, you can see that this team has all drives in its group logic, because al the 6 color slices of the pie are present in the image. The green-yellow-orange drives are the dominant drives, these are the biggest slices of the pie.

This team is strongly focused on developing others, harmony and cares about others. It finds it hard to resist a request for help and is sensitive to interpersonal tensions. This team acts autonomously within the network and seeks consensus (green drive). This team want to think things through, look if things are logical. It combines the pursuit of harmony with the exchange of ideas (yellow drive). Thinking things through with each other creates a real bond between people (green & yellow drive). This team wants to make it applicable, it looks for the result. It is best to use a practical approach at this time (orange).

Characteristics of the green, yellow and orange drive are: eye for each other, helping hand, conceptual, creative, out of the box, solution oriented, pragmatic and flexible, rational & sensitive and mid-to-longterm oriented.

Potential pitfalls
Exaggerating the creation of the ideal world of persons, concepts and goals, while not able to translate this in  execution, tackling bottlenecks and securing it in the company; pleasing too many people, suppression own needs which leads to frustration later (green), making things too complicated, (yellow), want too much but realizes less (orange).

Behavior that can help you keeping good harmony, while being smart and making progress is:

  • Do you have eye for a controlled implementation, finishing things neatly, discipline in how to execute (blue)?
  • Do you have eye for a common identity, shared values, being thankful  for things from the past (purple)?
  • Do you create pace, take choices, speak up, create urgency (red)?

Group Diversity

A team with high diversity:
The second chart in the group profile is Group Diversity. As the image displays, this team has 6 rings. A group with 6 rings is a diverse team. For a team with a high diversity it can take longer to find each other from the drives perspective, however it can also use the different drives and is broader in its leadership style. There is a chance for a blind spot for red behavior. This blind spot means that the behavior is not present within the team.

5 drives from the 6 are represented by your first drives, are you capable of using the diversity of the group. Do you use the diversity of the team enough?

The Group Logic average is plotted in the middle. Everyone is plotted in the pie chart of his/her most dominant drive unless someone has a high R or broad dominant logic drives. The latter 2 are plotted in the grey pie chart. The dot most to the outside of the middle or alone in a pie chart differs the most from the group. These persons add the most to the team, but can feel lonely.

Team Energy Balance

The final charts are related to the energy balance and are divided in a collective energy gain part, and a collective energy loss part.
This team flow is working in harmony. The team loss is power play and bureaucratism.

Collective energy gain of the team
Most of the team gets energy from being part from involving the right people, listening to each other, working with and for each other. This can be seen from the biggest green slice.

Does the team take time to fuel the green energy as a team?

Collective energy loss of the team, team struggle
– Conflicts, power play (big red slice)
– Bureaucratism (big blue slice)