Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion. A topic which motivated me right away, almost felt like something I could be destined to impact in a positive way. However, I also felt hugely incompetent and insecure about my abilities to do so.

The main question popping up in my head; What do I have to offer to the discussion? Very much aware of the privileged background that I come from, I had doubts if anything I said or did would make a difference. And so, the long search and thinking began. Back then, in my daily job as a leader within an organisation I could focus on hiring more diverse candidates and trying to create an environment for everyone to do their best work. As an independent business owner this is much harder to focus on.Since I started working with Management Drives, first as a partner, and now as a consultant, I had a breakthrough. I might not be able to hire or create diversity, but I'm able to help people discover what drives them and others. And with Management Drives you'll be able to use one common language to foster and grow a stronger culture of inclusion.Everybody has several drives that have been developed through nature, nurture and culture. These drives determine the way we look at the world and guide our behaviour. The beauty of looking at diversity through drives is that there is no statistical relation between ethnicity, gender, intelligence and age. This makes it a perfect methodology to discuss the different perspectives value free.It inspired me to create a program “Diversity and Inclusion with Management Drives”. This program is focused on thought diversity and people's different perspectives. By following the 3 stages: awareness, motion and implementation, this program offers a very practical approach to make diversity work for your organisation. Creating an inclusive workplace; a place where everyone can do their best work.

Koen Pouw

Koen Pouw


The program will be focused on knowing yourself and others. Knowing each other’s strengths, pitfalls and motivation and acting on this allows for the full use of your potential as team and individual. Throughout this process we take deep dives to really get to know each other, and focus what binds us, rather than focusing on what makes us different.Creating and launching this program makes me feel like I’m taking my first big step to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive world. It’s a journey which I’m committed to keep contributing to!I want to thank all the people that inspired me on my journey. And a special thanks to all my trainers, seminar hosts and colleagues which inspired me to take this path.If you want to get to know more about our Diversity and Inclusion program with Management Drives, feel free to register for one of our 60 minute online experiences about this topic or reach out to me via k.pouw@managementdrives.com