Privacy statement MD Survey

Management Drives is convinced that the protection of test data and personal data is of great importance for the trustworthiness of its services. Test data and personal data are therefore handled and secured with utmost care. When you complete the questionnaire and supply your personal data, Management Drives stores this information in a secured environment. This information is used by Management Drives to (1) calculate your drives profile, (2) analyse the culture in your organisation and/or team, and (3) create statistical surveys.Your results and personal data will only be used for the above purposes. In the overall report of the cultural analysis/team scan of your team or organisation your individual answers will not be recognisable. For processing purposes the license holder is able to see the individual answers. Statistics help us to map cultures. For example, we can calculate an average drives profile for all managers in the public sector. This knowledge helps us to increase our understanding of drives and to improve our services. Your drives profile will be calculated and made available to the contact person in your organisation. Management Drives expects from its license holders a professional, respectful, and discrete attitude in providing identifiable test results to others. The privacy policy of the organisation that provides the service applies here. If you have any questions about the way your answers and personal data are handled, please feel free to contact us.