Use the Management Drives team logic and team scan to determine the direction of development on the business side of the team.


Set and align the mission, vision, strategies and objectives of the team and, aligning them with those of the organisation. Create focus and make choices to create your business plan.


Implement the outcomes in the team by deciding who will do what and how.


Effective Behaviour in Teams(TEAM DEVELOPMENT)


Become aware of each other’s strengths and pitfalls by developing a better and more continuous understanding of each other’s drives.


Convert awareness into movement to further improve the team’s performance.


Optimise your collaborative behaviour by using each other’s strengths and avoiding pitfalls. Not on a one-off basis, but continuously, in practice and with permanent results.

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Pay attention to positive and "new" behaviours shown during the crisis and apply & maintain this within your team.

Improve Team Cooperation (in the office or remotely)

Improve the performance of your teams by leveraging the qualities of the individuals in a practical and fun way.


Use each other’s potential to create focus and a relevant agenda for effective team meetings.


Create clear effectiveness and prevent delays or inefficiencies through this high-intensity programme.

Building Trust

Gain insight into how trust works and translate this into effective behaviour to increase trust & secure this in a sustainable way.

Build Successful SportsTeams with MD

Create more impact during matches by leveraging your strengths and changing your attitude towards challenges.

How to Use Sports to Build Successful Teams

Experience an MD sports clinic and develop efficient winning strategies by understanding the dynamics of your team & what drives your performance.

Improve your Team’s Sales Performance

Understand the drives of your customers and apply this knowledge to your sales process.

(Scrum) Project Management

Increase your efficiency as a project team by measuring soft factors of your success (which account for 80% of key success factors).

MD in the VUCA world

Use MD to be effective in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world.

Project Start Up

Start your project with MD to understand each other, your common objectives and your most effective way of working.

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Popular SOLUTIONSBY ManagementDrives

Discover some of our most popular programmes, focusing on awareness, movement and embedding of behaviour for individuals, teams and organisations by speaking one common language based on 6 colours. All of these programmes (and more) can become available to you by tapping into our international community of certified MD coaches or by becoming a MD coach yourself.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENTUnderstand yourself and the people around you and develop leadership behaviour. read more → YOUNG ADULT DEVELOPMENTUnderstand what drives you as a pupil, educator, educational team or organisation and develop better strategies for learning, teaching, communicating, team development and more. read more → OTHER INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONSDiscover more individual solutions by Management Drives. read more →
TEAMS: MISSION, VISION & STRATEGY Use the MD Matrix to develop the business side of your team. read more → EFFECTIVE BEHAVIOUR IN TEAMS (TEAM DEVELOPMENT) Enhance the collaboration between people by acquiring and following up on ways to engage them. read more → OTHER TEAM SOLUTIONSDiscover more team solutions by Management Drives. read more →
ORGANISATIONAL TRANSFORMATION & DEVELOPMENTUnderstand which developmental phase your organisation is in and develop strategies to efficiently connect all levels: people, teams and the organisation as a whole. read more → MERGERS & ACQUISITIONSKeep the best of both worlds by understanding the cultures of the different organisations and develop efficient, long-term strategies. read more → OTHER ORGANISATION SOLUTIONSDiscover more organisation solutions by Management Drives. read more →